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Met genoegen delen wij u mede dat ons bezoekadres per 25 juni 2014 is gewijzigd naar:

Gaetano Martinolaan 85

Nivo 1

6229 GS Maastricht




Meeting with Singapore

Maastricht UMC Holding and SPRING Singapore reinforce commercial ties
Singapore trade delegation visits Dutch University Medical Center

MAASTRICHT, 26 November 2013 – On Monday 25 November a trade delegation from Singapore, consisting of approximately thirty representatives from mainly medical technology companies, visited Maastricht University Medical Center+ (Maastricht UMC+) in the Netherlands. The aim of the visit was not only to further develop plans for the joint setting up of a research centre in South-East Asia, but also to create a sales market via Maastricht UMC Holding for biomedical products produced in Singapore. Representatives of the Municipality of Maastricht, the Provincial Government of Limburg and the banking system, including the LIOF regional development and investment company, were also present during the working visit.

On 13 June 2013, Maastricht UMC Holding and SPRING Singapore signed a letter of intent in the Asian metropolis for close collaboration. Now, in late November, this intention was converted into specific actions. Maastricht UMC Holding director Martijn Lamberti was delighted by the visit. “The visit of the Singapore delegation to Maastricht demonstrated the importance that the Singapore business community attaches to the collaboration with Maastricht UMC Holding, which will of course create commercial opportunities for both sides.”

Strong commercial ties
Maastricht UMC Holding is the parent company of commercial enterprises that evolved from Maastricht UMC+. Because of the commercial and research network, which was built up over the years, Maastricht UMC Holding is an ideal business partner for medical technology companies. “Contacts that we like to share”, Lamberti explains. “This way, companies from Singapore  can explore opportunities for creating a sales market for biomedical products from South-East Asia. We can also benefit from one another’s research and expertise.” Plans for the joint development of a clinical trial centre for the whole of South-East Asia also mean that research ties with Singapore will be strengthened. In this way, Maastricht UMC Holding continues to take the lead internationally. “In the future, we wish to further develop the marketing of biomedical innovations. This international collaboration with Singapore is an excellent way to support that”, Lamberti concludes.




Meeting with Philips

Mr. R. De Jong, Executive Vice President Philips
Mr. H. De Jong, CEO Philips Benelux
Mr. M. Lamberti, CEO Maastricht UMC-Holding
Mr. M. Hermans, Financial manager Maastricht UMC-Holding
Mrs. G. Voss, CEO Clinical Trial Center  Maastricht
Mr. F. Smeets, CEO Maastricht Instruments

His Majesty the King opened the Brains Unlimited Scanning Lab

His Majesty the King opened the Brains Unlimited scanning lab on 29 October. Brains Unlimited is a platform for neuroimaging. Here, scientists and companies study the causes of common diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, schizophrenia and MS, and try to gain more insight into the development of human behaviour. Brains Unlimited will also see the development of new part- and full-time practice-oriented master’s programmes in the fields of neurophysics and neuroimaging.

The Brains Unlimited scanning lab has three MRI scanners with ultrahigh magnetic fields, including one of only four 9.4 Tesla scanners worldwide.

The scanning lab is part of a larger vision, the campus also houses the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience and several spinoff companies, such as the new Biopartner Centre Maastricht.

Watch http://um-web-video.maastrichtuniversity.nl/services/player/bcpid60708485001?bckey=AQ~~,AAAABc9_IiE~,ZL-dhf8lXp0hUrMklenVkYrnoudyl4bn&bctid=2781007833001

Xilloc Medical wins MKB L1mburg Innovationaward 2011

Xilloc Medical in Maastricht has won the SME L1mburg Innovation Award 2011. The winner was announced by jury president Jérôme Verhagen, during a live broadcast of L1TV.
Xilloc Medical B.V. The company manufactures implants that are custom designed for each individual patient using 3D printing. Also the way of fixating the implant is already preprocessed through a unique system where physician specifies such positions. This procedure results in a perfect fit every time which means that that the physician no longer has to make the implant fit during implant surgery.
The SME Innovation L1mburg is sponsored by Rabobank, General Patent and Trademark Office and AOMB and Sotec Group

Read more on www.l1.nl/tv/MKB-Innovatieprijs

Maastricht Instruments Nomination FD Gazellen Award

The FD Gazellen reported that Maastricht Instruments BV is among the 230 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. In November the festive award ceremonies will be held at four locations in the Netherlands.
You can register for these meetings via www.fd.nl/fdgazellen




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